The Capricorn

The Capricorn isn’t just a superhero. He’s War Dragon’s God! His soft and cozy golden wool can give you: super strength,invulnerability and the power to fly! For example, if you have some of his wool, it will give you powers. Just his light shining from his skin defeats Goop’s biggest form! It’s because he’s composed of light, and the others are composed of darkness, so his light wipes them out.

When war dragon was a kid, he was training in a battle with black war dragon and he was defeating him so Black War Dragon called his God.

War dragon had been badly hurt but suddenly Capricorn came and just his light wiped  out Black War Dragon.


The Science Kid

The Science Kid (L’enfant scientifique)

A kid scientist creates a potion. It ends up blowing up and hurts him. He improves the potion. The new potion is for making people into good people.

The kid scientist then goes to the jail and gets the bad guys to to drink the potion. They become good. (La Fin means ‘The End’ in French.)

Ghost Shadow

Ghost Shadow is a kid named Elliott who was bitten by a ghost. His arms and legs became invisible and he was able to stretch them really far. He found this red sweater and put it on. He like the hood and he also learned boxing.

So, what he also found was some old boxing gloves and one day the evil shadow ghost put darkness over the world.

Dragonon’s Creations

This is War Dragon. He was created by a scientist called Dragonon. He won all the wars but Dragonon never knew what he was created for. Then Dragonon said the War Dragon would be for fighting crime, and so he was.

But then, there was an evil person who came. You will know about her when I draw her.

This is War Dragon’s little brother. When the evil person (talked about above) was created, War Dragon’s brother was created on the same day. He also was fighting crime, but in a secret way. When War Dragon would call him, he would come out of his hiding place and fight the crime.

Action Girl

Action girl used to be a normal little girl. Her parents bought her special boots. They were magic boots to help her fly and defeat bad guys. Action Girl is flying to save the world and nobody knows her secret identity as little girl. She is learning how to keep her superhero identity secret.

Action Girl

Flash’s Powers

 I wanted to invent my own Flash. He has lightening on each cheek and brown eyes like me. He can spin into a tornado when he runs at super speed and he can run away if his enemy is too strong, just as fast as lightening.

Meet Thundercat

Thundercat is the first superhero I invented. He can shoot lightening. He can fly and he can turn into lightening when he flies.


This is another picture/version of Thundercat, coloured.




Some members of the Acura team

The Acura team are superheros. One of my friend from school’s grandfather invented these guys. We were playing Acura one day, all of us invented our own character. I drew these characters. I’m Acura 5.

This is Acura 1.

Acura 2 & 3 pictures are not drawn yet because in the team, we lost them. We have to rescue them.

This is Acura 4 & 7.

This is Acura 5. “Pika”.

 This is Acura 6. “The Eagle”.

This is the Acura Helper.


Wing Slash

This is a boy that has triangles on his arms and he can fly with them and they’re like swords. The other guy is a kind of Pikachu that I invented. They want to fight crime, but they are too little.